Algebra: Stop Struggling, Start Succeeding

Minggu, Oktober 25, 2009

Algebra is one of the toughest areas of math for kids. Even kids who never had a problem academically can have trouble with algebra. Algebra tutoring can benefit kids who have chronic problems comprehending math and kids who are just struggling with algebra.

The logic behind algebraic formulas can be difficult to grasp for many children. Parents need to work fast in order to prevent their child from developing a dislike of math when that happens. Kids can suffer a blow to their self-esteem when they struggle to understand something new. This is true especially if they previously have enjoyed a lot of academic success. Bright children who struggle with math can become frustrated and stop trying, which only lead to more problems. So as a parent it's important to get some algebra tutoring for you child immediately when you notice a problem. Your child may not come to you and ask for help but that doesn't mean he or she doesn't need it.

Finding the right type of help for your child is important. You can choose private algebra tutoring or you can choose to enroll your child in extra classes or group tutoring. You should know that just getting a tutor or investing in supplemental algebra classes is not going to solve the problem in its entirety though. It's also important that you maintain a hopeful, positive attitude and use positive reinforcement to help reassure your child. If your child feels that you still believe in their abilities they will believe in their own abilities too. Here are some steps that you can take that will help your child regain the confidence and curiosity necessary to start succeeding at algebra instead of struggling:

Express confidence in your child's ability. A child that is struggling with algebra may start to doubt his or her ability to learn. It's important that you express to your child often that you are quite sure your child can master the challenge of algebra with a little extra help. A child who is doubting his or her own ability to succeed needs you to tell them often that you know they can do it.

Work with your child. Even if your child is getting algebra tutoring in order to master algebra you should work with your child too. Do some algebra problems together, or quiz your child on algebra formulas. Use plenty of positive reinforcement to encourage your child to keep moving forward.

Be actively involved in your child's learning. Work closely with the algebra tutor that you hire for your child, and be in close contact with your child's teacher. Make sure that you know what problem solving methods your child is being taught. Ask for regular progress reports from both tutors and teachers. Taking a pro-active role in your child's education will help your child be more confident. When your child is more confident he or she will learn more and achieve more.

Turn algebra tutoring into a positive instead of a negative. Unfortunately many children don't tell their parents or teachers when they are struggling with a tough subject like algebra because they don't want to be branded as "stupid" or "slow". The stigma associated with getting algebra tutoring has lessened somewhat over the years but there is still a bit of a stigma attached to being tutored. In order to combat that you need to show your child that getting help is a positive thing. Make the tutoring experience as fun as possible. Don't use tutoring as a punishment for failing to achieve, use it as a chance to teach your child that it's ok to ask for help when he or she needs it.

It can be very difficult for parents to watch their kids struggle academically. But, if you take a pro-active role and get your child the help he or she needs your child can learn algebra. In addition to giving your child a lot of love and support you can turn the experience into a great teaching tool. Algebra tutoring can teach your child the value of working hard to attain a goal. It can also give your child the courage to ask questions and ask for help when needed.

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